Thursday, September 19, 2013

I did SOMETHING this summer besides move across the country!

So life has essentially been madness this summer, but at least that madness has included some art!  I was lucky enough to get to go on a field trip to Arizona and New Mexico with the art department in May, to explore landscapes and local culture and some very neat art galleries.  I've been working on some small paintings based mostly on the architecture of Santa Fe that will hopefully be included in an art show of work inspired by the trip.  It was a combined effort of the studio, photography, and illustration departments, so there should be lots of very cool stuff when it finally gets put together.

I did a lot of sketching while we were there and also took many photos, and now I'm working several of them up in to finished paintings.  (I forgot how much I love acryla gouache!  Why haven't I been using this stuff for the last few years? Oh right, my classes all required oils... And oils and I have a love-hate relationship.)  Here is a quick sampling of what I have so far:

In other news, we live in Boston now! We have a tiny basement apartment in the most undergrad-y section of an undergrad-y town, but I love it so far.  (Moving to Boston is a horrendous trial but living in Boston is nice.)  We live in the district of used furniture stores and every imaginable variety of Asian restaurant.  We've slowly been exploring the areas within walking distance of our apartment and pointing out the cool things that I want to show all my friends if they come to visit: the pet store around the corner that always has a huge Newfoundland at least one ugly bulldog just chilling by the door; the old stone church down the street that is now a "Palestinian Cultural Center" and mosque; and the public park near our house where the ground is practically paved with broken beer bottles in some places, and the first time we went there we encountered a few students in fedoras playing guitar and indeed to my delight they were playing "Wonderwall."

And I really like living in a proper city, with lots of tiny quirky shops and weird and quirky people.  I've begun to sketch the more fascinating individuals I encounter on the streets.